Mechnykova St, 3, Kyiv

+38 (096) 303-00-00

Dear friends

SEREBRO is one of the most favorite restaurant in Kiev with the new signature menu, wide space and the bitter bar with trendy cocktails. It has become closer to everyone! Every Friday and Saturday an atmospheric dinner, pre-party, and dancing till dawn with the best DJ's music are waiting for you!


More than 4 years, our restaurant is one of the best destinations for gourmets from all around the world! The delicious menu and an excellent service are our main advantages. Besides SEREBRO is a cult event-location with live music and a unique atmosphere.


You'll be impressed by the local atmosphere. 5 minutes ago you had a business meeting, and now you are ready to dance and sing karaoke! SEREBRO is the place where dancing on the table in the evening looks so organic and natural.


Every Friday and Saturday the most fashionable parties and performances with modern sound take place at SEREBRO.


1 мая любимый SEREBRO закроется на реконструкцию.


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